Busara Leadership Partners is a boutique strategic advisory and consulting firm that was established in 2009. 

Busara Leadership Partners is a research-orientated strategic advisory and consulting firm whose expertise is to facilitate the development and effectiveness of leaders to achieve their desired goals.


Busara means “wisdom, prudence and intelligence” in Swahili. We are a new generation of individuals steeped in qualifications, experience and capabilities that are driven by performing, achieving measurable results and making a difference in everything we do. That we are black woman owned and managed with a credible black economic empowerment status is the cherry on the top. The business is headquartered in South Africa, but services can be offered anywhere in the world – virtually and face-to-face. Read More


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Groupies of the Business World

Groupies of the Business World Groupies are not isolated to musicians and celebrities. Even us as adults in business and society at large we can reduce ourselves to being Groupies! The concept of First Amongst Equals is real. Now the question is are you the First or are you the Equals? As the 'equal', your role is really to increase the...Read More

No short-cut to Self value

No short-cut to Self value Scarcity of self value cannot be remedied by money, recognition, affection, attention or influence. - Gary Zukav Human beings bring into every space they occupy their inside life to bear which we experience on the outside as their behaviour. So as individuals, we have to be conscious of the "quality of our inside...Read More

Diary of an African Woman

Diary of an African Woman Being of dark hue and being a woman is not for Sissies! I wake up every day in Gratitude for the richness of the experience of my Soul having chosen this body - this race and this gender. The Wisdom. The Compassion. The Strength. The Resilience. The Love. What a Gift💃😘 You think you are hated. Ridiculed....Read More

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Dudu Msomi

CEO: Busara Leadership Partners
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F: 086 512 5002
A: Busara Leadership Partners
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Rivonia, 2128

Earn B-BBEE points by supporting Busara Leadership Partners, 100% Black African female woman and managed enterprise. Under the Amended Codes, the target for Enterprise Development is  1% and Supplier Development are 2% of Net Profit After Tax (NPAT) respectively.

Wisdom of the Month

"Leadership is practiced, not so much in words, as in attitude and in actions." Harold S. Geneen