Masterclass: Leading and Living To the Beat of Your Own Drum

Date: Saturday, 2 September 2017 
Time: 9:30 - 15:30
Venue:  Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), 26 Melville Road, Illovo
Topics: • Leadership: Do It Your Way - TBA
• Dare to be Different – Dudu Msomi
• Tips on Making Your Financial Life a Success - Samke Mhlongo
• How To PinPoint Your Uniqueness - Lebo Biko
• Driving My Way - Vuyi Mpofu
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This year we will also be hosting a Mentoring Walk, open to mentees between the ages of 13 and 25 years.

Delegates: Early-bird special of R450 per person up to 25 August 2017.
After 25 August, R550 per person.
Cost inclusive of welcome tea and coffee; picnic lunch and high tea
Mentees: Free for 13 to 25 year olds. Limited spaces. First come basis.


Programme Director

Rehema Isa

Rehema IsaRehema Isa is the CEO of Hadithi Media which exists to discover, develop and sharestories from the African continent.  

Rehema Isa has a background in accounting and finance. Isa's experience spans major corporations in the financial and banking sectors. She has consulted for companies in various industries including power utilities, banking, the mining sector, government institutions, small businesses and IT companies, where she has led a number of strategic projects. Rehema’s areas of consulting expertise and focus are programme management, developing strategies for maximising business returns on investments, organisation design and development interventions, change management, Information Management strategy design and development, financial management, corporate governance, risk management, and innovative strategy design and implementation.

From 2009-2011, Rehema sat on the Board of the Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa, the country’s largest independent association for women in business. Rehema currently sits on a steering committee for Clean, Energy, Education and Empowerment women's initiative. Rehema works with executive women in the corporate and government sector as a leadership coach, promoting Value Realisation Management ™ for women in business.

Speaker Profiles

Dudu Msomi

CEO, Busara Leadership Partners

Dudu MsomiDudu Msomi is the CEO of Busara Leadership Partners is a research-orientated strategic advisory and consulting company whose expertise is to facilitate the development and effectiveness of leaders to achieve their desired goals. Msomi is a Strategist, Leadership & Life Coach, Business Advisor, a Thought-Provoking, Attitude & Behaviour Shifting Speaker and Writer. Dudu Msomi has expertise and experience in strategy workshops facilitation, strategy formulation and implementation; coaching; designing and implementing transformation programmes in companies and industry bodies; marketing; advertising; communications; human resources leadership and corporate governance. Dudu’s experience spans diverse industries such as retail, advertising, financial services, Information, Communications & Technology consulting and professional, membership services.

Dudu Msomi is a Fortune Mentee Alumni having been selected by the US Consulate in South Africa to be part of the mentoring programme with FORTUNE/US State Department Global Women Leaders, initiated by Secretary Hilary Clinton in 2010. She was awarded the 2013 Laureate Award by the University of Pretoria as a GIBS Alumnus to honour her outstanding contribution to her field of expertise. Msomi is a Cherie Blair Foundation Mentee Alumni having completed the Mentoring Women in Business Programme in June 2016. Dudu Msomi is the Institute of Directors (IoDSA) Fellow Member.

Dudu Msomi is on the board of directors of the Financial Services Board (FSB) where she is also a member of the Licensing, Litigation and Audit Committees. She is also a Trustee on the Humulani Trust (Invicta Holdings) & Member of the GIBS MBA Alumni Bursary Committee. Dudu Msomi has a B.A. (Psychology and English) & B. A.Hons. (Media) (University of Natal, Dbn); Postgraduate Diploma in Advertising and Marketing (AAA School of Advertising); Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Governance (RAU); Programme for Management Development (GIBS) and a Masters in Business Administration (GIBS). 

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Lebo Biko

Lebo BikoRelebogile Biko, better known as Lebo, is a seasoned marketing and business growth strategist, with over 15 years of strategy development and implementation experience. Her career began at Coca-Cola Southern and East Africa, where she held various branding and trade marketing roles before transitioning to strategy consulting, where she advised leading blue chip companies, parastatals and medium-sized firms in South and Southern Africa. Prior to joining Nedbank, Lebo was the founding member and Managing Director of BBDO Consulting South Africa, a top, global management consultancy focused on strategic marketing. Lebo Biko was the Strategy and Marketing Executive at Nedbank Business Banking, a division that services medium-sized businesses, many of which are family owned. She has a passion for SMEs and entrepreneurship, most specifically a drive to help women participate meaningfully in the economy. 

Lebo has served as Chair of the Johannesburg Branch of the Businesswomen’s Association and as a national board member. She was the vice chair of the Nedbank Women’s Forum and an alumnus of Fortune/State Department Global Mentorship programme in the USA. She holds a B.Comm (Economics and Finance) and an MBA, both from the University of the Witwatersrand.

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Vuyi Mpofu

Vuyi Mpofu

A self - confessed petrol-head and road safety advocate, Vuyi’s passion for cars began as a toddler and was fuelled by her father and brother, both of whom are motor mechanics. However, in those days, it was not the preferred career option for a young woman and Vuyi studied marketing, PR and advertising instead. In 2007, whilst on sabbatical, Vuyi realized she was happiest dispensing advice to her friends (male and female) either about their driving habits or basic maintenance tips and decided to pursue her first love, as a career option. She spent a year researching and making inroads into the South African motoring industry, before launching Driving In Heels, the Evolution of Motoring in September 2010 with a weekly motoring article in Motor Mania, a motoring supplement in the Sowetan and The Times, as well as a weekly 20 minute radio show on Metro FM.

Vuyi Mpofu has developed her unique motoring brand into a familiar product, known within the motoring industry and by the public as a whole.  She produces and presents the weekly motoring feature Car Loving Thursdays which airs every Thursday on 2000FM (16:20 on 97.2 – 100FM) and is a co-presenter of the he weekly motoring show, Power Steering, which airs every Monday on PowerFM 98.7 (11:30am). She is a regular (and opinionated) guest presenter on Buyer’s Guide & Ignition (DSTV Channel 189); a judge on the annual Women on Wheels competition panel and is the motoring contributor for Driven Magazine (distributed at airport lounges of major South African airports).  Vuyi is also the motoring columnist for the popular magazine True Love, and is a member of the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists.

In late 2012 Vuyi broadened the Driving In Heels service offering to include business-to-business motoring based training workshops aimed at informing and empowering women about, the lifestyle of motoring aptly named Driving Divas – What Women Auto Know.  After identifying a need for basic technical training for women about cars, Vuyi launched a 2nd-subsidiary to Driving In Heels called Gals Garage – Because Women Deserve Better in late 2013. Gals Garage is a short mechanical training workshop for women, aimed to educating car owners about basic car maintenance and the total cost of car ownership.

In 2014 Driving In Heels successfully qualified for TETA (Transport Education Training Authority) accreditation making it possible for companies engaging the services of Driving In Heels to claim back a portion of their training budget from the Skills Development Fund, whilst ensuring that their staff are better informed about road safety and life-saving driving practises.

Fun, knowledgeable and easy to understand, Vuyi is your average girl next door.  She is a novice motorbike rider and describes herself as being fluent in 3-languages; heels, lipstick and cars.  Having successfully turned her passion for motor cars, speed and all that makes cars tick into a full time job Vuyi has turned Driving In Heels and is subsidiaries into an interface between the motor industry and its female audience.

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Samke Mhlongo

Samke Mhlongo

Samke Mhlongo is fast-becoming one of South Africa’s most recognizable personal finance figures. The Wealth Coach and founder of The Next Chapter (“TNC) Wealth Partners sharpened her expertise during her 7-year tenure as a private banker at Investec Private Bank, where she quickly became the go-to banker for public sector executives and high net worth entrepreneurs operating across different industries. It is during this time that Samke was heightened to the unique personal finance challenges and behaviours of South Africa’s middle class. This curiosity led to her conducting her MBA study into consumer financial behaviour.

The results led Samke to seek out additional platforms on which to share her expertise with a wider audience. Thus, the independent wealth coach, corporate speaker, media commentator, writer, and financial inclusion advocate was born.

Samke offers individual wealth coaching through her company TNC Wealth, and through Maureen Kark and Associates - a boutique wellness company to which she was appointed upon Investec Group CEO Stephen Koseff’s recommendation.

Samke is also a corporate speaker, panel moderator and MC. Some of Samke’s previous clients include SASOL, Anglo American, Standard Bank and Accenture. More notably, Samke was invited to give the keynote address at the 2017 CELD Woman and Finance Summit where she presented her talk titled “Managing Money and Building the African Woman’s Wealth Base”.

Referred to by CNBCAfrica as a “personal finance goddess”, Samke is a resident on VOW FM’s Business Wrap, regular commentator on CNBCAfrica, eNCA, Talk Radio 702 and PowerFM; finance contributor for DESTINY magazine, and a financial inclusion champion of The Graça Machel Trust.

In addition, Samke is the youngest board member of state-owned mineral research technology agency MINTEK, and serves on the Audit & Risk Committee.

Samke holds an Accounting degree from the University of Cape Town, Postgraduate Diploma in Management from the Wits Business School, and an MBA from the same college completed with a dissertation titled Factors contributing to over-indebtedness in black South African females.

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Zingisa SocikwaZingisa Socikwa

Age: 22
Occupation: Co- Founder of Blackboard Africa

Zingisa Socikwa is young film producer and director of media related content. She is also the co-founder of Blackboard Africa a platform to inspire future ideas with a fresh perspective while maintaining a clear view of the mixed memories of our past. To create a space in real time and online where like-minded youth come together to write on this new board. She has a talent for turning simple and otherwise dull stories into beautiful artistry is harnessed through her love for music, theatre, photography and filmmaking.

Amonge SinxotoAmonge Sinxoto

Age: 16
Occupation: Co-founder of Blackboard Africa

Amonge is an upcoming creative, writer and youth Marketer. She enjoys crafting beautiful stories and conceptualizing creative scenes for media publishing and online content. A leader and a young ambassador of national reformation. Amonge is passionate about cultivating young minds and stimulating youth entrepreneurship. She currently curates small workshops of youth focus groups on various societal topics namely: Youth Activism, Women Leadership, Women and Children’s Rights, Non-racial and Non-sexist society, Youth Trends & Social Media, Evolving Culture, Generation Gap, Politics and Future possibilities etc. Amonge is one of the leading creatives behind Blackboard Africa. She contributes regularly for online pages including engaging established inspiring leaders and artists. She conceptualizes visual content, writes stories, opinion pieces, interviews and feature reviews.


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