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The Dudu Msomi Foundation is not for-profit. Its creation was inspired to contribute and prepare young people and women for educational achievement, employment, entrepreneurial success and leadership. If you would like to support the Foundation, there are a few ways to get involved.

Programmes include:

Circle of Compassion

  • We target the Top 10 students in terms of academic achievements in Grades 10 – 12 in the selected schools where there are high proportions of children from poor households. We provide them with monthly grocery vouchers to be able to feed the whole family so that the students are well-fed and are not distracted from their studies with concerns about their well-being and of their family members. Studying and concentrating on an empty stomach is near impossible. This benefit can only be accessed by the students if they are consistently in the Top 10 throughout that academic year. Performance is evaluated with the Principals and Guidance Teachers in the respective schools in July of every year. The students that fall out of the Top 10 will lose the benefits of monthly grocery vouchers for the family. However they will have access to counselling and mentorship support to resolve the reasons that may have contributed to their academic decline. The penalty is to encourage consistency and to reward positive behaviour.
  • We dress up the Top 10 Grade 12 students in terms of academic achievements, the same ones that receive the monthly grocery vouchers in the selected schools for their Matric Dance.
  • We open bank saving accounts for R1000,00 minimum for the Top 10 Grade 12 students in terms of academic achievements, the same ones as above, so that they start a culture of saving and have a bank account to assist them to transact when they are economically active. The bank accounts will only be activated on the successful completion of Grade 12.


  • Quarterly Seminars, Workshops and/or Conferences with the focus on providing knowledge, skills and networks to empower young people and women.
  • Formalised and structured mentorship programmes – matching young people and women with individuals who are willing to be generous with their time and knowledge.

Let us know if you would like to get involved. Any amount of contribution will go a long way in assisting. You can specify the programme/ project you would prefer to contribute to or you can make a general contribution.

Corporate Sponsorships are welcomed. You can sponsor or partner with us in delivering the benefits.

Contact: Dudu Msomi This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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