Fall of Nhlanhla Nene; former Minister of Finance replete with life lessons as a human being and a leader.

CityPress - Dudu Msomi14 October 2018  |  Published article on City Press

I categorise experiences in my life into two categories: what is my lesson to learn and for whom am I a vehicle for them to learn from what I am experiencing. The two major incidents surrounding Nhlanhla Nene; his being fired in December 2015 and his resignation in October 2018 are replete with life lessons as a human being and a leader. With the name Nhlanhla meaning luck, one can speculate that his luck has finally run out. For those who are wise, it is an opportunity for us to introspect and to learn from what has befallen him so that we can do better with our choices. In expending energy to judge and feeling holy than thou at someone else’s perceived downfall, you miss precious learning opportunities. After all hindsight is 20/20 vision.

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The long road SA's women face

CityPress - Dudu Msomi29 April 2018  |  Published article on City Press

In the words of The Black Eyed Peas, gender stereotypes are “2000 and late”. At least that’s what I thought. One would think gender stereotypes are the least of our issues as women, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

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Board members must speak out

News24 - Dudu Msomi17 December 2017  |  Published article on News24

The Steinhoff fraud has increased scrutiny of SA Inc. The question being asked is did no board member, even Christo Wiese, a renowned business mind, realise that the convoluted structures former CEO Markus Jooste was spinning with the company’s global expansion could conceal irregularities? 

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Corruption remains an uphill battle

CityPress - Dudu Msomi8 October 2017  |  Published article on City Press

Given the diverse companies – KPMG, McKinsey and Bell Pottinger, among others – that have fallen foul of the law through their unholy association with the Guptas, one can conclude three things. 

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The Dudu Msomi business leadership journey

Moneywebby Sonya & John Culverwell 
16 August 2017  |  Published article on Moneyweb

Dudu Msomi is a well known and often-interviewed strategy facilitator for boards and management; a leadership and executive coach and team builder. However her journey to this point was not predictable by any means and consequently, neither  is her coaching and strategic intervention style. 

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Bell Pottinger sussed us out

News24 - Dudu Msomi22 July 2017  |  Published article in Fin24


To master persuasion and manipulation, you require insights on what drives human emotions and behaviours.

Behavioural psychology is the study of the relationship between minds and behaviour.

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Thabo Dloti did the right thing when he resigned

Fin24 Dudu11 June 2017  |  Published article in Fin24

A CEO should have an opinion on the strategy of the organisation and the responsibility for executing it. One that has the profit-and-loss responsibility is bound to have a performance contract that makes them vulnerable to being ousted when performance does not meet set targets

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We’re all to blame for inequity

News24 - Dudu Msomi14 May 2017  |  Published article in News24

The lack of progress in the transformation of South Africa’s workplace, as reported in the 17th Commission of Employment Equity report, released this week, comes as no surprise.

The legislative framework to transform the country’s economy – namely, the Employment Equity Act, No. 55, 1998; the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Amendment Act, 2013; and the Codes of Good Practice – can only succeed through consistent and unwavering implementation.


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Get An Edge as An Entrepreneur

CityPress - Dudu Msomi28 August 2016  |  Published article in CityPress

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to work for myself, either on my own or by creating a business with like- minded individuals that will attract more people that want to do great things and push the boundaries. 

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Is SA ready for a female president?

CityPress - Dudu Msomi18 August 2016  |  Published article in CityPress

The question of whether we are ready for a female president has been doing the rounds for a while.
That we even ask this is problematic as it attests to the patronising attitude that prevails in our otherwise modern society.

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On My Mind: Women directors wanted

Financial Mail - Dudu Msomi4 August 2016  |  Published article in Financial Mail

We’ve seen major change in SA in recent years when it comes to gender equality. But it remains surprising that the boardrooms of SA’s blue-chip companies still stubbornly evolve at a snail’s pace when it comes to equality for women. In a constitutional democracy in 2016, it shouldn’t be like this.

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5 sources of capital for entrepreneurs

logo CityPress Dudu 27 April 2016  |  Published article in CityPress

When we are going through tough times, we often say: “If I had known how tough it was going to be, I would not have ventured down this path.”
I do not agree with this way of assessing things. I believe that we should go into situations with our eyes wide open.

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SA's small businesses will lead the country to growth

Fin24 Dudu 29 November 2015  |  Published article in Fin24
Johannesburg - Internationally, statistics are indicating that big companies destroy jobs, while entrepreneurs and small companies are net job creators as they pursue growth. The perception that South African corporates are sitting on cash and are reticent to invest in this economy, and that there is leakage in the financial system leading to billions being sent offshore, is of grave concern.

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Thank God, we ain’t what we was

logo CityPress Dudu 24 August 2015  |  Published article in City Press
My journey as an African woman 21 years on is as unique as women are, but I am sure there are some commonalities that other women may identify with.

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Corruption is Here to Stay 

logo CityPress Dudu 7 June 2015  |  Published article in City Press
Corruption is the use of an official position for the purposes of personal enrichment and unlawful gain. Corruption exists on a spectrum, from dishonest behaviour and giving or accepting bribes and inappropriate gifts to under-the-table transactions.

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SA needs to regain edge in global economy

Business Day Live - Dudu Msomi4 June 2015  |   Published article in Business Day
IT IS laudable for politicians to talk about Africa sharing one destiny - adding to the zeal of investors and analysts salivating at its growth as though it were a country and not a continent.

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Dudu Msomi interview with Thami Ngubeni on Radio 2000

Thursday, 21 May 2015 

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Supporting the next generation of women leaders

News24 - Dudu Msomi17 March 2015
Significant change has happened in many countries with regards to women's emancipation. However, equality in leadership positions stubbornly evolves at a snail’s pace. Though women are increasingly respected as professionals, very few are holding leadership roles. 

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Dudu Msomi on Power FM in anticipation of SONA 2015

Thursday, 12 Feb 2015

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ON MY MIND - Board to Death

City Press Dudu Msomi

28 September 2014
While reading the book Adversaries into Allies by Bob Burg, I came across the following question: “How often do we ignore the people doing things right … only ­because they are not doing anything wrong?”

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ON MY MIND - We are still divided in our diversity

City Press Dudu Msomi

19 May 2014
As South Africans, we say we value diversity but in reality, we don’t. We are vicious towards individuals who don’t fulfil the stereotypes we hold.

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ON MY MIND - BEE at a crossroads

Financial Mail - Dudu Msomi15 August 2013
Trade & Industry minister Rob Davies has requested a detailed report from the National Empowerment Fund (NEF) on the R34m loan it granted to Ndalo Luxury Ventures for a luxury boutique, Luminance, co-owned by Khanyi Dhlomo, that assesses whether the transaction complies with its mandate.

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ON MY MIND - SAA: Take-off overdue

Financial Mail - Dudu Msomi03 October 2012
The mass resignation of the SA Airways board members last week is a powerful example of board activism and is long overdue in corporate governance. Board activism is designed to bring about change.

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ON MY MIND - Organisational integrity is key

Financial Mail - Dudu Msomi17 November 2011
The economic crisis and prolonged global downturn and uncertainty have placed immense stress on organisations, and added greater demands and pressures on boards.

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ON MY MIND - Corruption in SA

Financial Mail - Dudu Msomi08 September 2011
Appreciating that corruption can happen anywhere , it is ironic that as South Africans having prided ourselves on superior moral standards, we justify our corrupt practices by embracing the lowest common denominator, by saying that corruption exists in developed economies too.

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ON MY MIND - We was robbed

Financial Mail - Dudu Msomi17 March 2011
The achievement of equality in SA remains elusive. Whereas the miracle negotiated settlement that realised peace in lieu of justice was meant to result in equality, the unintended consequences have been growing inequality and instability.

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ON MY MIND - SA in gravy danger

Financial Mail - Dudu Msomi08 July 2010
For instance, the officials who spent public money on World Cup tickets will vehemently defend their judgment as being in the public interest, while members of the public who spent their own hard-earned salaries to buy their tickets may condemn these choices.

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ON MY MIND - It takes two to tango

Financial Mail - Dudu Msomi29 April 2010
Whereas public officials are liable for abuse of their positions, the private sector is liable for making business decisions devoid of ethical considerations.

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ON MY MIND - Never say never

Financial Mail - Dudu Msomi04 March 2010
Political risk is the probability that a particular political action will produce changes in economic outcomes. A risk picture that is restricted to the financial component is deficient.

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ON MY MIND - Parastatal politics

Financial Mail - Dudu Msomi18 November 2009
Politics is a fact of life in organisations. Therefore leaders need to act politically as well as analytically. The Eskom board was not immune to the highly charged tone before the national elections and the post-election changes of our political landscape.

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ON MY MIND - Men who embrace their feminine side make for better leaders

City Press Dudu Msomi

15 August 2009
TRACKING the progress of women’s ­representation in leadership positions is important. Catalyst, a research and advisory ­organisation in the US and Canada, noted last year that South Africa has overtaken countries such as Australia (8.3%) and ­Canada (13%) with its 14.6% of women ­representation in leadership teams of listed and state-owned enterprises. 

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ON MY MIND - Alteration of culture

Financial Mail - Dudu Msomi22 August 2008
August, being women's month, provides an opportunity for women - regardless of their race and colour - to celebrate their achievements and appreciate that workplaces and society at large have a schizophrenic view of their role and value.

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ON MY MIND - The power to resign

Financial Mail - Dudu Msomi01 February 2008
This is because, ultimately, the CEO is accountable to the board for results. Eskom CEO Jacob Maroga has repeatedly said he is "accountable" for the power crisis that has plunged the country into fits of darkness, but not "responsible".

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Surviving crises as a business – From Corona viruses to Recessions to Riots

Surviving crises as a business   – From Corona viruses to Recessions to RiotsIn times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive. – Lee Lacocca
I offer you words recorded Friday, 16th of July 2021 from Durban, South Africa as I was fighting through the post looting and rioting trauma. Ideas on what small businesses, in particular, but any size business too, should do to survive and thrive through adversity and crises whether as a result of corona viruses or riots or recessions. Read More

Shame Cruelty – Be kind to every one, including yourself

Shame Cruelty – Be kind to every one, including yourselfI am always amazed at the capacity for us human beings to have for being Cruel. We always couch it in rational and logical messages. But that does not camouflage our Cruelty. To take a device. Type cruel words that others will laugh at. And you know others will be stung by. What is it in us as Human Beings that makes us so Cruel? Read More

Another one bites the dust

The Telephone ConversationThe reality is that change is not readily embraced by everyone, even leaders, whether in politics or business who are expected to lead the change. The common saying is that change is constant – the weather, technology, culture, or strategy. Boardrooms and business schools are speaking about a VUCA world – the increase in volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity which means that leaders must constantly seek new approaches and refresh their strategies more often than was done in the Industrial Age. Read More

African Women in Leadership

The Telephone ConversationMonday, 8th of March was International Women’s Day. This year’s theme was “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a Covid-19 world”. I anticipated that most discussions, as every year, would lament under-representation of #women in leadership. The business sector has continued not to fare well since the inception of democracy with the public sector (government and civic society organisations) doing better in gender equity and granting access to women into senior #leadership and management positions... Read More

The Telephone Conversation

The Telephone ConversationHumanity can use reflective times such as the Covid-19 pandemic to become better. Or miss the opportunity to reset. To dust we return. Our physical appearance is the test of our humanity. How we treat each other in the shells of race and gender is the lesson for our Souls. One of my most favourite poems! Read More

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